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Model Madness Sat 1st Oct 8pm get ticket

Deptford X Preparation 13-15th Sept more info

Deptford X Festival
visiting hours high street gate 12-6pm
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Model Madness Fri 2nd Sep 2pm PAST

Model Madness Sat 6th Aug 8pm PAST

After Hours Fri 2nd Sep 8pm PAST

After Hours 30th Aug 8pm PAST

Studio Birthday 30th June 8pm PAST

This video starts in the makeup area then walks through the lounge past studio 2 along the corridor and into studio 1 and Romaine dances in front of the white cove. The lights are set low giving a blue and an orange shadow.

Dirty Girl by Shunaji shot in white studio 1 and black studio 2

Tilda Allie in Black Studio with yellow backing paper. Lyrics & Music: Tilda Allie, Federico De Vittor Piano: Federico De Vittor Vocals: Tilda Allie Video: Robyn Salt Director: Tilda Allie, Robyn Salt Audio Recording / Styling: Toby Corton Mixing & Mastering: Josh Grizz Special Thanks ton Fanny Beckman & Cleo Saava