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Saturday 29th of February 2020
studio from evening rate £ 18/hr for
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Equipment included

Elinchom Flash Studio Lights, Beauty Dish
Snoot with Honeycomb Grid Silver Umbrella Translucent Umbrella
Reflectors 16cm Gold + Silver Deflectors
Colorama Backgrounds: White + Black included
Other colour £5 extra Grey + Red + Yellow + Blue and many more colours including Chroma Green and Chroma Blue

Poly Boards: White + Black
Professional Manfrotto tripod
32 inches Reflector on stand with silver gold white black and white diffuser options
Manfrotto Triple Hooks on wall + Manfrotto Background Support System
Wind Machine on stand Wind_machine floor standing fan silver
Godox wireless trigger
Mirror and steamer.

photographer for hrs £0
videographer for hrs£0
extras for hire !


can be booked and paid for now or on the day

smoke £20
camera £50
microphone £20
Light Meter £10
Lights Arri 1 £20
Lights Arri 3 £30
Lights battery LED £20
Tripode £10

total £30
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